You will love travelling to trade shows

Who are we ?

We are Trive, and we sell packaged travel for professionals attending trade shows. We don’t have overblown ambitions nor plans for dominations, we just do what we love and we do it right.

We are a dedicated team who works hard everyday so that planning a business trip can be as simple as stepping from our platform onto the trade show.

Our history

Launched in late 2015, (formerly first started as a travel and logistics assistant for fashion professionals. Thanks to our expertise in this field, it allowed us to partner with some of the most famous luxury brands.

From organizing press trips, annual conventions or fashion shows, we then decided to make business travel booking as seamless as possible.

Our mission

We want to provide a new way to book and plan a business trip. Like many professionals, we have been spending too much time browsing and searching through many platforms. Then, we’ve been disappointed by the poor quality of the service providers requested for an event.

We thought that we could make something simple, reliable and seamless. That’s why we created Trive, to help thousands of professionals who are travelling all around the world.

« We want to simplify the organization of a business trip. »

Our source of revenue

Whenever we sell a flight ticket, a hotel room, a transfer or both, we get a commission on that sale. That commission doesn’t come out of our client’s pocket, but on the retailer. That’s how we make our living. We will never sell advertising space on Trive, simply because we don’t consider our clients as products, but as professionals who don’t necessarily have time for anything else than booking a travel. This choice allows us to focus on quality of service, indeed, you might just see a popup screen for 24/7 assistance, that’s all we care of, don’t you ?

Our quality of service

We want to bring a whole new travel experience. In order to make each trip look different, we let our client design and tailor their booking. We also have high standard of service provided, we test, select and reference our partner regarding our specifications.

Plus, if you have a comment or question, you can find us at the entrance desk of every of our trade show organizers partners. Indeed, we love to provide assistance and even giving you some tips. We know some amaaazing restaurants.

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